Our only goal is to have fun

WATERJOY was founded in Hondarribia, and offers various water sports in the Port of Hondarribia.

The water activities that WATERJOY offers include: guided jet skis tours by the Basque and Basque- French coast, the newer Flyboard, Wakeboarding and Waterskiing.

We are aimed at all ages and a range of abilities.

The aim of WATERJOY is for people to discover the Basque Coast from another perspective as well as enjoying the environment and sea activities.



We are three young boys of Hondarribia, who like sports. Living in a coastal village, we have always been very close to the sea and is something that fascinates us. We practice water sports and we like people to have fun. Therefore, we decided to make from our passion our work and to start with this project. If you want to have fun and enjoy the sea, please come and visit us.


Joseba Andrés


Qualification: -Monitor Jetski.

Telmo Busca


Qualification: -Monitor Jetski. -Monitor Flyboard.

Gaizka Tijero

Monitor and communication manager

Qualification: Monitor jet skis.