Jet ski

Our guided tours give you the opportunity to enjoy both the Basque and the French Basque coast from a different and unique perspective where you will see numerous marine species including dolphins.

You will be supervised at all times by qualified instructors.
Minimum age: 16 years with parental consent to drive, although as a passenger there is no minimum age. No qualifications required.

  • Tour to Jaizkibel: The route starts at Txingudi Bay where you can appreciate the views of border villages of Hondarribia, Hendaye and the Amuitz Island stopping at Los Frailes Cove. We continue, entering the foothills of Jaizkibel Mountain with a unique view of its cliffs up to the Biosnar cove. (Approx. 1 hour).


  • Tour to Donostia: The trip starts at Txingudi Bay. After passing Amuitz Island we continue along the foothills of Jaizkibel Mountain to reach Pasajes estuary. We enter taking in the view of this coastal town and its peculiar houses on the water. After that we pass by La Zurriola and continue to Donostia Beach to reach Concha Bay. Once inside the bay we can see the port and city beach. We then journe passed Santa Clara Island returning to Hondarribia. (Approx. 2 hours).


  • Tour to Saint-Jean-de-Luz: The route starts at Txingudi Bay. We head towards France, pass by Hendaye Beach until we reach the 2 Jumeaux rocks. On the way we will see Château d’Abbadia and continue along the cliffs of ¨La Corniche Basque¨ to reach Saint-Jean-de-Luz where we enter Cibure Bay and see the village port.


  • Tour to Biarritz: The trip starts at Txingudi Bay, heads toward Biarritz. On the way we drive close to the 2 Jumeaux rocks, continue along the cliffs of ¨La Corniche Basque¨ and pass by the Saint-Jean-de-Luz breakwaters . Once past the breakwaters we get to the beaches of La Côte Basque (La Fitenia, Guethary, Bidart and Ilbarritz) up to Biarritz.
  • To drive: Minimum age: 16 with parental consent
  • As a passenger: No minimum age
  • Requirements: Without qualification